Car rental terms and conditions

With this agreement the Company Autorents Car Rental , the undersigned tenant leases the car shown in the present (including any car that replaces it) under the following terms and agreements, including those listed on the front side, of which fully accepts the tenant. 

  1. The Lessee has received the car that looked and found the absolute convenience, in excellent condition and fit for use and the purpose for which the leases. The Lessee is obliged to return to Autorents car and all the forms, tools and accessories (spare tire, jack, tools, pharmacy, fire extinguisher, triangle, antenna) that accompany the situation where the received and the time and place determined by the moment. Otherwise, and after reimbursement of the agreed time the lessee has the obligation to pay the Autorents, the regular charge for compensation for use and compensation for each positive and negative loss. After 2 hours from the agreed delivery time of the vehicle, the lessee is charged with one (1) additional day of rental. The Autorents has the right to regain possession and use of the car at any time without notice and without the consent of the employee, but this cost from anywhere and by any means in any case where a crisis is no risk of damage or loss of the car and risk of non-recovery of damages. The Autorents has the right addition to the above case to regain possession and use of the vehicle if used or used in violation of the terms of this contract or the specified lease term.
  2. During the lease the lessee and any person signing this agreement shall make good and consistent with this purpose and used car, check its mechanical condition, the existence of oil, water etc, the situation tires and traffic safety, to lock it and keep using the security systems and take measures to prevent theft or loss of value of in general. 
  3. If the tenant wants to extend the rental car is required to notify in writing the Autorents 24 hours prior to the expiry of the lease to obtain a written authorization, subject to availability. If it fails to do so, subject to civil and criminal liability for illegal use and possession of the car. 
  4. The tenant must comply with the applicable provisions of KOK and any other provision of the Traffic Police. Where a penalty for breaches of KOK the sentence and the fine weigh only tenant.  
  5. Expressly prohibited the tenant from using the car: a) carrying heavy stuff and luggage, b) to carry more persons than those specified in the authorization of the marketing authorization, c) To lease to third parties, d) to comply or participate in races of motor vehicles, e) To grant to lead others, not included in lease agreements.
  6. ​​In case of accident or other incident (fire, theft, etc.) the lessee or the additional driver is required directly in the following: a) not declare fault or guilt and claims of third parties in any way, directly or indirectly, b) make the names and addresses of witnesses and the name and address of the driver and details of the car, which any car collision, c) notify the police to trace the fault of the third and care of any existing injuries,  d) be contacted immediately by telephone or other means in Autorents tel. +30 2241070185, e) to collect any information from any third,  f) to photograph the scene of the accident and the cars involved in the accident if possible.  The lessee is required within 24 hours to complete and sign an accident / theft in the shop Autorents and deliver any of the accident documents or information. In case of theft or loss of vehicle, the lessee is required to terminate it to the nearest police authority within 24 hours.
  7. The car can only lead to the tenant and an additional driver, who stated in this Agreement. Both drivers must be 23 years old to 70 years old and have Greek or International driving license that is valid and issued at least one year
  8. The cost of gasoline charged to the tenant. Use only unleaded gasoline. 
  9. The regular maintenance of vehicles supplied by Autorents. Prohibited the repair of the vehicle by the lessee in case of failure. The car tires are replaced at regular intervals due to wear and tear. Damage due to misuse of the vehicle, including but destroyed tire pavement and potholes borne by the tenant.
  10. Prohibited to load the car on a ship without the prior written approval of the lessor company. In these cases there is an charge for special insurance coverage. 
  11. The car is not allowed to leave Greece
  12. The carrying flammable materials, pollutants, drugs and any other relevant in this Convention, and to use the car as an instrument to commit illegal or criminal act. A breach of this condition and the failure of the resulting loss borne by the tenant guide. 
  13.  The Autorents has no responsibility for loss of personal belongings of the tenant and those occupying the leased vehicle during the lease. 
  14. The lessee expressly agrees that the Autorents is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the tenant or third parties during the lease and no claim may be brought against Car’ n Motion for the above reason. 
  15. The tenant consents to entry of detailed personal information on this electronic file maintained by the Autorents. It is expressly agreed that the Autorents has the right to use these items when the tenant during the lease makes false statements or contravenes the terms of this contract and forward this information to the authorities in case of suspected termination or other criminal offense.
  16. Pets: Pets are not allowed.

Insurance Terms


  • Liability to third parties
  • Breakage of crystals

It does not cover the following if from the fault of the driver:

  • Damage in vehicle interior
  • Mechanical damage that will be caused by fault of the driver
  • Damage to exterior mirrors
  • Damage to tires
  • Damage to underbody of the vehicle
  • Fines for infringements of traffic regulations
  • Violation of locks – damaged locks

Payment Terms

The customer, to successfully complete the booking, is required to pay the full amount of the rental in advance with the following two ways: 

  • With charge of his credit card
  • Paypal

 In this case you pay your booking using your  account . You will be redirected to the PayPal payment page . If you do not have PayPal account , the system will direct you to the suitable page.


In case of cancellation of a reservation, Autorents has the right to charge the renter the below cancellation fees:

  • For cancellations up to 6 days before the rental day, cancellation fee 20% of the total cost of the rental
  • For cancellations from 5 days to 1 day before the rental day, cancellation fee 30% of the total cost of the rental
  • If the customer does not appear, the total rental cost is not refundable.​

Free Cancellation

If the renter wants to avoid the above cancellation fees, he is able, by means of a premium, to have a free cancellation whenever he wants so. The company will hold the premium but it will return the total cost of the rent.

Cancellations should be sent written to  autorents via email contact@autorents.gr.

Other Conditions

  1. The car is always the property of the autorents. This is only lease agreement. The tenant is not in any way and in no way representative of the Autorents. The tenant acknowledges that it acquires rights other than those specified in this agreement 
  2. During the lease all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable with the tenant 
  3. This agreement supersedes any other prior written or oral agreement between the Autorents and tenant
  4. Autorents cannot waive rights under the law and this agreement 
  5. Any modification of the terms hereof shall be void unless agreed in writing 
  6. The customer agrees and accepts all the above conditions are valid both in the case of the original contract with the Autorents and where to extend the term of the lease and / or replacement of the originally leased vehicle to another. 
  7. If the difference between the copies and the original of this Agreement shall prevail over the original which is held by the Autorents. 
  8. The Contracting Parties shall recognize and accept all the terms of this agreement as an essential and key for this purpose. 

This agreement is governed by Greek law and any dispute arising between the Autorents and tenant in this agreement, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Rhodes. 

Expressly stated to the Autorents by me, the driver of the car that I have read the above terms and accept them unconditionally.

These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in New York for the resolution of any disputes.

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